Im not sure who’s going to read this, if anyone will, but I am starting my blog for my daughter, Darcy, to read in the future.

One day, when she’s grown up, I want Darcy to look at my blog and laugh at all the naughty things she did. I want it to bring back memories she didnt even know she had and I want her to learn from all my parenting mistakes/successes when she one day becomes a mum.

Having a toddler is the most exhausting job you can have. You’re running on 3 hours of sleep, arguing with your child about weather they can feed the people on the tv a breadstick and trying to carry a nappy bag, a handbag, your shopping and a person (your baby) from the car to the house. But I’ve never enjoyed anything more and I never want to forget all the small things that my daughter does on a daily basis that today I take for granted but will one day tear up in the memory of.

So this is the start of my blog for Darcy.