What my 1 year old does

Darcy is now a few days away from being 13 months. Times flies and I feel like she wakes up every day doing something new. I’ve already forgotten when she first rolled over or when she first sat up alone etc..

If you have any friends or family that have a child of a similar age you’ll know that’s it’s worrying when your child isn’t doing what they do at the same age. But every child is different, my baby is cautious when learning something new, so it takes her a bit longer but she masters things with very few accidents. Her cousin (who is 7 days older than her) learned to crawl by face planting the floor 500 times but he learned weeks earlier.

Taken her first steps

She’s been walking around the furniture for a few months and now she’s finally let go and has walked alone! It was the day we moved into our new flat and she took 5 steps across the living room to her nanny.

Using a spoon

She now feeds herself her breakfast with the spoon. Although the spoon is usually upside down, it’s a step in the right direction. She now point blank refuses to let anyone else feed her.

Understanding games

She has really started to understand games like hiding and chasing. She’s also started to do the actions to song like row your boat and patta cake. She has also started to love books even though she slams it closed and runs to get another one 2 pages in.


I don’t know if she does it to be stubborn or she actually can’t speak but she’s never really said any words before now. She’s learnt ‘ta’ and ‘juice’ and ‘dog’ recently and just repeats those 3 words all day long.

Baby’s change so quickly and it’s so exciting seeing her learn all of these things everyday.